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Vampire Knight

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Last Updated: Nov 11, 2010

9.50 (excellent) Okay! Yume reporting herself again...Well I've re-edited my last comment (which was somehow too critic XD; I guess I was kinda angry with the series at the time) nonetheless I'm so excited with this manga. I love the new anguish moments and the so heart-wrenching contradictions. When I looked at the cover page from chapter 63, I was speechless...I love drawing (I wish I could draw like Hino-sensei like any other Vk fan) so the first thought that crossed my mind was a redo...I wanted (I'm doing it at my on pace XD;; lmao) to complete the ends of Yuuki and Kaname body, as well, I want to put a bed (rather than the tomb) in which the hands of Yuuki are grabbing a chain connected to the neck a certain silver haired boy...said boy has wolf like ears and is laying in the floor full of thorn roses and a gun pointing at his heart...<3 yeah I'm going full speed with my fangirling fantasies.

Anyways the drawings have improved and the story behind Kaname was so deep and tender that I could never hate him or whatsoever.

The only thing that keeps bothering me is so little pages XD (I want 50) and the new translators (SGK come back D:!). Plus the anime seriously wasn't that good, will never be, and as hell the manga is way BETTER :3 (L)

With <3 Yume reporting herself with loads of dreams ?

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